Fruit Ninja

Get ready for dynamic slicing in Fruit Ninja. From the name it is not difficult to guess what exactly is your goal. The game is available for you on different platforms. Most

likely the most common is your mobile phone. This is quite convenient because it is always with you, and you may launch it anytime, anywhere. There is also a possibility to run it on a PC, but keep in mind that it is only available on some versions. In addition, your platform may still be a console and even VR.

The latter, by the way, is likely to please you very much, because it allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and the process as much as possible. Therefore, choose the one that is more convenient for you and start swinging the knife.

Exciting Modes

Fruit Ninja has a large number of different modes available. They differ from each other only by the presence of some additional conditions. For example, one of them adds a time limit. After it expires, you have a chance to see how many points you received for the session. In addition, you are capable of doing combos. Therefore, you are able to get extra seconds.

In addition to the timer, you can add the possibility of errors. Then you will play until the number of your mistakes is three. Thus, if you do not like when you need to rush, then select this option. And then you are able to do everything at your own pace. The only thing is that you have to be very careful not to miss anything in the end. Also, worth mentioning are the bombs, which make you lose if you touch them. Therefore, try to avoid them.

There is also an opportunity to participate in the tournament. You are up to getting into the leaderboard and competing with other players. This way you are motivated to improve. A lot of people like it so much, because it’s very interesting when you are constantly trying to overtake someone.

Buy More

In the process, you are able to unlock new blades for your knife. They differ in color or even effects. By the way, some of them are really exclusive. Thus, you are up to changing it at any time. Also, to make the process more exciting, there is a possibility to take up collecting. Thus, you can constantly set yourself a new goal for the purchase.

Also, in order to save more quickly, you are capable of running an entertainment application every day. Thus, it is possible for you to receive additional rewards for regularity. And this is, in principle, a rather pleasant bonus, so try not to miss this opportunity.

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