Fruit Ninja Classic

Feel the blade with which you cut all your sweet targets that appear in your field of vision. In Fruit Ninja you have to demonstrate your reaction speed and attentiveness. It is really a good pastime for you and your fellows.

Therefore, select the platform you like most and launch this arcade. It can be your mobile phone, computer, console and even VR. Therefore, you have a chance to try all of them.

Talking About First Quality

The game has many different modes. So, you have the opportunity to choose what suits you best. One of them is for speed. Here in the corner of the screen you have a timer. Your task is to make as many cuts as you can. In this case, you keep track of time. Therefore, as soon as the time runs out, you are shown the number of points that you have earned for the round.

In addition, it is possible for you to add additional seconds. To do this, you need to do various combos, destroying several targets at one moment. Therefore, try to do not only everything very quickly, but also more profitable for you. To do this, you need to wait a bit until you have numerous products in front of you.

Second Quality and Caution

It is worth noting that there are also bombs here. If you accidentally swipe through them, then you have to start playing again. That is, you lose. To do this, you have to not only mindlessly cut food, but also keep track of what your goals are. Because if you are not careful enough, you can make serious mistakes.

There is also a mode where you don’t have a timer. In it, you have three available errors. Thus, you need to try to be neat in order to last longer. Therefore, you do not have a time limit, but success depends entirely on you. So, you need to choose which format you prefer.

By combining these two qualities, there is a possibility to easily pass any challenge in the tournament. They are held at regular intervals. Thus, your place in the leaderboard constantly rises higher. Therefore, your friends and other users envy you and your ability to wield the knife.

Well, to make the process visually more pleasant for you, there is a possibility to purchase different skins for your blade. This way you are capable of changing its color. You may also add some effects and particles to it. Or you may get access to rare and exclusive ones that only the very best players have in Fruit Ninja.

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