Fruit Ninja 2

Becoming one of the most popular arcades, Fruit Ninja has earned quite a large fan base. Later, Halfbrick Studios released a rather interesting second part, in which you have a chance to see a lot of new functionality.

Now there is really a lot of exciting stuff here. And probably the most anticipated and long-awaited will be the new multiplayer mechanics.

For now, you are only able to download it on your mobile device. Here, unfortunately, there is not such a variety of platforms, but still this does not make it worse. Even a phone would be a good solution for this genre. Because it implies that you may want to relax and have fun wherever you are.

Epic Features

It is worth noting for a start that several modes were available in the game. You could cut the products either for a while or with a condition of three mistakes. In addition, you could still take part in tournaments that were held periodically.

Now you have numerous new mechanics. First, it’s battles. In them, you need to fight against another player. At the top there will be a superiority scale, which will show who has cut through a large number of targets. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate your speed and reaction here. So get ready for an epic confrontation.

Secondly, there are many different modes now. They differ significantly from the previous ones, as they added some functionality and mechanics. Now you have goals with directions! It is quite an interesting mode because it is very important to be really attentive.

Thirdly, there are now a large number of characters for which you are able to play. Therefore, choose the one you like and start participating in the epic arcade. In addition, you can also do gardening. You have your own garden where you are capable of growing rare and interesting plants.

Therefore, if you sum it up, we can say that Fruit Ninja 2 is really an exciting and exciting arcade, in which many things have been added, but at the same time they have not forgotten about the old. Therefore, look at all the items that the developers have added for you and appreciate them.

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